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SAP Monitoring with PRTG

How does automated 24/7 SAP monitoring work for SAP landscapes - On-Premises and in the Cloud? We'll show you together with our partner, Paessler AG.

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24/7 SAP monitoring with PRTG and Scansor ensures your SAP runs exceptionally well. On-Premises and in the Cloud.

What characterizes a simple and effective monitoring solution using just one central tool? How do you achieve the automation of daily and real-time checks, saving time and costs? Simply observing SAP servers and databases isn't enough to ensure the SAP infrastructure works smoothly.

Avoid manual SAP checks and critical system outages. Instead, opt for automated 24/7 monitoring that reveals all interconnections. Gain transparency over your entire SAP landscape and network with just one central monitoring solution. If an issue arises, you'll be notified, preventing disruptions preemptively. This way, you increase the availability of your SAP system, whether it's On-Premises or on public cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS.

This is where our add-on, Scansor, for agentless PRTG network monitoring from Paessler AG comes into play. Scansor's specialized SAP sensors monitor your SAP services and relevant surrounding systems round the clock. The dashboard visualizes data in real-time. Even better, in addition to technical SAP system monitoring, you benefit from SAP cloud monitoring, SAP application monitoring, and indispensable SAP security monitoring.

Together with our partner, Paessler AG, we'll show how easy monitoring your SAP systems can be.