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Application tips 101!

Are you thinking about applying for a job at our company or have you already received an invitation to an interview? Then congratulations! Here you can find out how you can shine at your job interview by preparing well.

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Your perfect preparation

You are here! The first step in the right direction - because you're preparing for your interview. And that's the key to a successful job interview.

In this way, you take away a little nervousness and automatically radiate a certain level of confidence.

Ideally, you should divide your preparation into three parts: company research, job research and people research. The more you work on this and make notes, the more confident you will feel during the interview. And there's a bonus on top: you'll realise whether you really fit in with the company.🩵

Let's start with the company research

First of all, you should find out as much as you can about the company you are applying to. In our case, this means: What is the core competence of itesys? What do we stand for? What is our mission and what values do we represent?

You've got an overview of us? Very good!

Now you can start thinking about why exactly you are the perfect match for itesys. What can you contribute to our mission and values?

Let's move on to the job search

The job advert you are applying for usually contains all the essential requirements for the job. What is important? What requirements do you need to fulfil?

Checked the job advert carefully? Great!

Make a note of the right answer for each bullet point. Are you interested in the tasks? If so, why exactly? Can you fulfil the requirements? If so, what past situation can you use to prove this?

You should put the most effort into this research. The answers will give you confidence and help you to conduct a confident, well-structured interview.

Almost there, one more to go! The people search

The invitation to the interview tells you which people will be taking part in the interview. It never hurts to find out about them. Perhaps you have even worked for the same employer in the past? Similarities strengthen sympathies!

Where can you find information about these people? On LinkedIn, of course. Go ahead, check us out!

In the best-case scenario, your research will lead to suitable questions. That would be awesome! Because your questions demonstrate your genuine interest in working for us.

Questions that usually impress are:

  • Can you describe what a day in the new job will be like?
  • Why are you at itesys, what made you join and how have you developed since then?
  • How much do you value collaboration and how does communication with the team work?

But we don't want to reveal too much, I'm sure you can think of even better questions.

We look forward to getting to know you!

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