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Application tips: The first interview!

You`ve got your first interview coming up? Nice! First of all, believe us, we are really looking forward to meeting you! And we're still a little bit excited too. So don't be shy, just show yourself as you really are!

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How you join us:

The first interview is always held online. Each interview follows a similar procedure. This enables us to conduct the interview in a targeted and structured manner and to give all applicants a fair and comparable opportunity.

1. The Start

We start on time. If you have technical difficulties or are running late, it's best to call our recruiter and let us know. This will make a good impression and won't be a problem.

As soon as we have all gathered online, we start with a short welcome and an overview of the upcoming appointment. We will then give you a short mock-up of itesys - don't worry, the performance is just for you and the content will not be tested. We open the meeting with a brief introduction of everyone involved.

2. It’s all about you

Our opening question for you? Tell us something that's not on your CV! Because we want to get to know YOU 🩵 What do you like to do? What are you passionate about? What is your favourite thing in life?

We are also always keen to hear your answers to the following questions: What do we need to deliver to keep you with us for a long time? What project have you recently completed that you are proud of?

3. It’s all about the job

We're sure you've prepared yourself! And as we are looking for passionate techies, we dive into technology right from the first interview.

4. It’s all about us

Even if the section suggests otherwise: Now we have to shine! Because we will answer your questions! The more you have and the more you challenge us, the stronger your impression on us.

5. The closing

After 45 to a maximum of 60 minutes, we are all richer in experience and our interview comes to an end. We clarify the organisational questions, such as your availability and ask about your desired salary. We also ask you to send us feedback afterwards.

That’s how it works! Depending on whether we match, we'll continue with the second interview!

The next step would be to apply, right?