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Successful thanks to the right partner

Digitalisation, cloud computing, big data: more and more SAP Basis departments are facing changes and challenges within the SAP product portfolio, but also in their own working environment. This makes finding the right partner all the more important.

SAP Basis has undergone fundamental changes, and current events are accelerating this transformation even further. Various areas demanded swift action: enabling remote work and external access to functions such as time tracking, expenses, or sales orders had to be quickly facilitated. Additionally, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and security issues like Single Sign-on or Business Continuity were in high demand.

In these challenging times, the need for a suitable, modern, and innovative SAP Basis partner has become more pronounced than ever. A partner who provides guidance, supports, actively drives innovations, and masters SAP innovation fields. One with the right expertise to tackle the challenges of digitalization and demonstrate how customers can work more efficiently. Large providers often operate reactively, offering "everything, but nothing in detail." And if a partner adheres to the motto "never touch a running system," it might be time to consider a new one.

Seven Action Areas

But how do you find the right SAP Basis partner? The DSAG (German-speaking SAP User Group) has already formulated seven recommendations for companies in its 2016 guide, 'SAP Basis of Tomorrow.'

At itesys, we address these very action areas with our customers and guide them through the process of change and innovation within their own companies. By reflecting on these areas, we present methods and possibilities for implementing the recommendations.

These action areas and recommendations are meant to serve as a guide for finding the right SAP Basis partner—one who advises and drives the company, possesses the necessary knowledge to master digitization, and is prepared for all challenges.

Read the entire article in Computerworld for more information.

Five questions to test your current provider:

  1. Are there regular innovation budgets for development?

  2. Is it ensured that all employees of the partner benefit from the knowledge?

  3. Is the focus primarily on CPU and RAM, or do you agree on common KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)?

  4. Does the partner speak your language and operate in your time zone?

  5. Do I receive prompt, qualified support on equal terms?

With the right SAP Basis partner, these questions can be answered positively.

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