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Join us on September 26, 2024, and dive into the world of digital security with us and SAP!

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Forum for IAM & Security

Dive into the world of digital security with us and SAP! On this day, we will present solutions for SAP Identity and Access Management (IAM) to simplify user access, as well as SAP Security solutions that act as guardians against cyber threats. Together, they form a strong defense for your SAP systems. Stay protected, stay strong, and connect with your network.

More About the Event

SAP solutions for Identity and Access Management (IAM) combined with SAP security solutions create a robust framework for protecting corporate information and resources. IAM focuses on managing user identities and access control, offering features such as identity lifecycle management, access control, secure login service, and two-factor authentication. This ensures a secure and efficient approach to user access.

SAP security solutions cover a broader spectrum, addressing the overall security of SAP systems. This includes protection against cyber threats, ensuring data integrity, and compliance with industry-specific regulations. The combination of SAP’s IAM and security solutions provides companies with comprehensive protection against unauthorized access, data breaches, and other security challenges, fostering a secure and compliant business environment.

Join the first hybrid event for IAM and Security with SAP on September 26, 2024 - and secure your tickets here.

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