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ISG Provider Lens - itesys als Leader 2021

ISG Provider Lens
Public Cloud – Services & Solutions 2021

The globally leading technology research and consulting firm, ISG, has directly recognized itesys AG as a "Leader" in the "SAP HANA Infrastructure Services" category in its study titled "Public Cloud - Services & Solutions 2021."

With this acknowledgment, itesys stands as a niche provider alongside hyperscalers like Google and Microsoft in the same quadrant. The report is relevant for companies across all industries in Switzerland to evaluate providers of SAP HANA infrastructure services for SAP S/4HANA workloads and large HANA databases.

ISG Provider Lens 2021 - Quadrant
Source: ISG Provider Lens - Information Services Group Germany GmbH, Dezember 2021

According to ISG, providers categorized as "Leaders" possess highly attractive product and service offerings, a significantly strong market and competitive position, meeting all prerequisites for successful market penetration. They are regarded as strategic influencers and opinion leaders, guaranteeing innovation and stability.

Regarding itesys, ISG Provider Lens states, "itesys is one of the largest SAP HANA or S/4HANA basic service providers in Switzerland, offering a broad range of services for clients of all sizes across various industries."

ITESYS customers benefit, according to ISG, from "comprehensive services" and "support on the journey to the cloud." Apart from delivering extensive SAP-certified SAP HANA infrastructure on a VM basis, functionalities like automation or the SAP monitoring solution Scansor are provided, enhancing operational security and improving scalability and flexibility. The itesys Service Desk monitors SAP operations round the clock, ensuring smooth workload operations.

During the transition to the cloud, experienced SAP Basis experts and SAP technology consultants accompany the process. An individual transformation roadmap is developed using a procedural model, from the current state assessment to the commissioning by itesys. The goal is to create a tailored, secure cloud environment that provides substantial added value to the customer. If needed, the cloud offering can be expanded with services from hyperscalers like Microsoft or Google, seamlessly establishing a hybrid or multicloud environment entirely managed by itesys as a managed service.

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ISG Provider Lens™ Quadrant Report | December 2021 | SAP HANA INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICES


This quadrant evaluates cloud infrastructures best suited for hosting the SAP software portfolio, focusing on SAP S/4HANA workloads and large HANA databases. Participating providers offer IaaS, including infrastructure operation, facilities, and provisioning and scaling capacities for SAP workloads. IaaS providers should offer services for data migration, system imaging, backup, recovery, resource utilization monitoring, and dashboard management. The tools required can be included in standard IaaS offerings or provided by partners on a marketplace.

Participating providers should also offer pre-sales support to assist customers in migration planning, cloud architecture, sizing and performance optimization, licensing, system and database configuration, virtual private network configuration, and third-party solutions (toolsets). Support analysis focuses on the provider's service partner ecosystem and its capability to execute relevant migrations and operations.

Selection Criteria

  • IaaS including servers, storage, and connectivity specifically for the SAP product line.

  • Storage capacity of over 6 TB.

  • Easy access, transparent pricing, dynamic (consumption-based), and fixed (reserved) billing models.

  • Recognized standards and certifications, strong focus on data protection, and an advanced cybersecurity approach.

  • Offering SAP IaaS-certified platforms.

  • Test and development environments, including workflows and rollout protocol/reporting functionalities.

  • Direct operation or at least an authorized partner or customer relationship, complying with local regulations regardless of the data center's location.

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