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ISG Provider Lens™ Multi Public Cloud Services 2023

In its study "ISG Provider Lens™ 2023 - Multi Public Cloud Services", the world's leading technology research and consulting company ISG has once again recognised itesys AG as a "Leader" in the area of "SAP HANA Infrastructure Services".

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This award puts itesys as a niche provider in the quadrant «SAP HANA Infrastructure Services». The report is relevant for companies in all industries in Switzerland to evaluate providers of SAP HANA infrastructure services for SAP S/4HANA workloads and large HANA databases.

What does "leader" mean?

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    comprehensive product and service offering

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    strong market presence, established competitive position

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    product portfolios and competitive strategies

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    strongly positioned to win business in markets covered by the study

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    innovative strength and competitive stability

isg provider lens 2023

ISG about itesys...

«itesys is a successful SAP/4HANA Basis provider in Switzerland, highly valued by a large customer base.»

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How do clients benefit from itesys?

According to ISG, itesys clients benefit from «Comprehensive security offerings»: itesys conducts SAP Security Checks to examine systems, data and processes for security vulnerabilities and rectify any flaws. The itesys Firefighter tool automatically resets time-limited authorizations, while leveraging SAP Solution Manager tools to develop customized security walls. Proactive SAP Security Monitoring further protects systems.

With «Tailored SAP solutions», itesys offers in-depth SAP technology consulting, supporting customers from the planning stage through to implementation. This involves deciding between the brownfield approach, involving the takeover of existing systems, or the greenfield approach, constituting a new implementation strategy.

Providing «Operating model options», itesys grants users the flexibility to select a suitable variant in terms of the location in which the operation is to be carried out: on-premise in their own data center on their own infrastructure with remote management, in an itesys data center on an SAP-certified platform, or in the public cloud at one of the large hyperscalers, such as Microsoft, AWS or Google, with data centers in Switzerland. With this flexible offering, a hybrid or multicloud can be set up at any time. Itesys takes care of operations and includes patch management in all cases.


This quadrant assesses cloud infrastructures best suited to host SAP’s software portfolio, emphasizing SAP S/4HANA workloads and large-scale HANA databases. Participating providers offer IaaS, including infrastructure operations, facilities, provisioning and scaling capacity for SAP workloads.

Key criteria for assessment include the IaaS providers’ offering of data migration tools, technical support, system imaging, backup and restore capabilities, disaster recovery solutions, resource usage monitoring and dashboard management solutions. These tools required can be a part of the standard IaaS offerings or provided by partners in a marketplace. Infrastructure providers that participate in the RISE with SAP program receive a higher rating. However, RISE participation is not a mandatory requirement for inclusion in this quadrant. Ideally, the infrastructure provider should have a broad ecosystem, including SAP partners, enabling them to support clients in automating and operating their SAP instances in the cloud. The cloud infrastructure provider should also offer pre-sales support to help clients with migration planning, cloud architecture design, sizing and performance optimization, licensing considerations, system and database configuration, virtual private network configuration and third-party vendor solutions (toolsets). The support analysis focuses on the vendor’s service partner ecosystem and their expertise in conducting related migrations and operations.


Eligibility Criteria.

  1. IaaS to include SAP-certified servers with storage and connectivity for SAP products. Availability of SAP HANA instances in multiple memory sizes, enabling on-demand upscaling to accommodate instance growth and upgrades with minimum service interruptions
  2. Memory capacity exceeding 6 TBs per virtual machine
  3. Easy access, transparent prices, consumption-based, reserved instance and dedicated instance billing models
  4. Recognized quality standards and service certifications, with a strong focus on data protection and cybersecurity
  5. Low-cost storage for backups and archiving
  6. Multi-region disaster recovery capabilities
  7. Automated backup and restore functionality (platform-based, proprietary or partner solutions)
  8. Frameworks and tools for application and data migration
  9. An ecosystem of certified partners with SAP specialization


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