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itesys Firefighter

Automated assignment of temporary privileged authorisations for SAP and non-SAP systems? Our itesys Firefighter makes it possible!

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Standardised emergency user concept for managing privileged authorisations

Imagine an employee is unable to perform an important pending task in a time-critical business process, such as a salary payment, because he or she lacks the relevant authorisations in the target system. As an emergency solution, the assignment of e.g. "SAP_ALL" by an SAP Basis administrator is often the method of choice.

However, this procedure harbours considerable risks and can have serious consequences for the company's internal security. It is insecure, costs time and frustrates both employees and your CISO.

How about a standardised emergency user concept for managing privileged authorisations (SAP Access Control) with software that provides appropriate guidelines for adhering to compliance guidelines?

Our SAP security experts Steffen Schatto and Manuel Stähli show you how to:

  • ensure that your employees can get back to work quickly in situations where they lack authorisations
  • introduce a secure, automated process from authorisation to revocation
  • monitor the activities of privileged users for the entire IT landscape (SAP/non-SAP)
  • meet compliance requirements in the process
  • Receive and report a complete audit of the Firefighter deployment
  • save time and money and increase IT security

Automate privileged authorisations
with the itesys Firefighter

Webinar | 45 min

Create transparency and control! In our free webinar, we will show you in 45 minutes how you can use the "itesys Firefighter" to provide emergency authorisations in emergency situations across all systems and in compliance with audits, automatically and sustainably.

Using everyday examples, our SAP security experts will show you how you can easily assign temporary privileged authorisations for SAP and even non-SAP systems.