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Security Kamera, symbolisch für Überwachung der SAP Systeme mit PRTG & scansor von itesys.

itesys is now an "Uptime Alliance Partner"
for Paessler PRTG

The Uptime Alliance Program recognizes selected manufacturers who integrate their solutions into PRTG, creating innovative solutions and maximum user-friendliness for their shared customers.

The collaboration between itesys and Paessler has resulted in Scansor, a solution that offers more than conventional SAP monitoring. While itesys leveraged its expertise as an SAP Basis specialist in the development of Scansor, Paessler provides the foundation and an extension to Scansor's SAP sensors with the world-leading IT monitoring solution, PRTG Network Monitor. Paessler and Scansor together represent integrated SAP monitoring with PRTG.

SAP Monitoring

With Scansor, itesys has developed three types of SAP sensors for PRTG that enable comprehensive monitoring of all relevant parameters of SAP systems:

  1. SAP Standard Sensors: Monitoring basic parameters of an SAP system, such as updates, dialog, work process, dumps, jobs, etc.

  2. SAP Special Sensors: Monitoring advanced parameters like IDocs, RFC, STMS, or Syslog.

  3. SAP Database Sensors: Querying SAP HANA, Sybase, MaxDB, Oracle, and other databases used in the SAP environment.

The pre-configured sensors include channels for detailed values of the monitored parameters, which are queried in real-time, accurately, and directly from the systems.

You can find more information about the Scansor product here.

Watch the demo video of Scansor now!

Watch our technical demo video presented by our SAP experts and learn about essential queries, how automated SAP monitoring reduces your downtime, and enhances SAP security. Scansor saves you time and resources.

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