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SAP Basis as an Opportunity:
Organizations in Transition

Crises have always been a catalyst for leaps in development.

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Stefan Dunsch: "I am and remain an optimist - especially in times of crisis!"

Crises have always been a catalyst for leaps in development. This is also the case with the COVID-19 crisis and all its challenges. Therefore, I see more opportunities than risks in the pandemic. Right now, the benefits of advanced digitalization of infrastructures and processes have become evident. Companies with low levels of digitalization had difficulties maintaining their regular business operations during the lockdown. The virus has brought about a transformation in this regard. Some initiatives that were previously under discussion have now become a reality and should be implemented quickly. Consequently, the demand for modernizing IT infrastructure, such as migrating to SAP S/4HANA, cloud migrations, near- and offshoring services, and tools like modern and automated monitoring, has surged in recent months.

In recent years, the SAP Basis area has also undergone fundamental changes, and current events are accelerating this transformation even further. Various areas demanded quick action: enabling remote work and external access to functions like time tracking, expenses, or sales orders had to be quickly facilitated. But also, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and security issues like Single Sign-On, and, last but not least, business continuity were in high demand. In these challenging times, the need for a suitable, modern, and innovative SAP Basis partner has become more pronounced than ever. A partner who advises, guides, actively promotes innovations, and masters SAP innovation fields - like itesys! We actively address action areas for the "SAP Basis of Tomorrow" with our customers and provide methods and possibilities for implementation. We guide them through the process of change and innovation within their own companies.

Therefore, I recommend internal innovations with SAP and encourage innovative technologies to originate from the SAP Basis team, thus nourishing both the business and business processes. Even in the current situation, there are opportunities to achieve innovation through technical measures. For example, at BLS AG, processes were significantly accelerated by switching to the SAP HANA database.

Through innovation and new technologies, we have been able to immediately provide added value to other customers. This includes the use of SAP Data Hub for analyzing Instagram or Facebook for sentiment analysis. The marketing department was excited because it helped determine the effectiveness of campaigns. It's a fantastic opportunity and a perfect interface between business and technology, in my opinion.

SAP Fiori themes also help, as they eliminate the need to install the 'SAP GUI,' allowing employees to work through their browsers, even with their own devices (BYOD). IT security is a hotter topic than ever. Consequently, the demand for services like SAP Identity Management and SAP Single Sign-On has promptly increased, prompting us to recruit more specialists for the itesys team.

We also prioritize continuous monitoring of our customers' systems, using the Scansor monitoring solution with PRTG. This includes monitoring the entire process, including firewall and gateways, as well as system availability.

I am also pleased that we have gained new customers who, despite having their hosting with another provider, are accessing our Expert Desk. These customers have direct access to our qualified SAP Technology Consultants, including 24/7 support with near- and offshoring from Romania and New Zealand. These customers can rely on business continuity in the operation of SAP systems, even when their own employees are absent or when half the provider's team is in quarantine.

In addition to qualified employees, the company also holds certifications as an SAP Recognized Expertise Partner. Specifically, for SAP HANA & SAP S/4HANA, SAP Certified in Hosting Operations, SAP HANA Operations, as well as Cloud and Infrastructure Operations. We also promote innovation through internal expert teams dedicated to specific topics and transparent knowledge transfer within these teams. Our focus is on our experience and trust, alignment with your individual customer needs, and top-notch support.

At itesys, we see ourselves as enablers of digitalization - our extensive experience helps companies keep pace with new requirements, including through a globally distributed SAP consulting team.

Best regards,

Stefan Dunsch, Head of Service Operations, itesys AG

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Stefan Dunsch
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