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Scansor: innovation project
with ZHAW

Together with the ZHAW, SAP Basis specialist itesys AG is developing learning software with artificial intelligence for monitoring complex SAP landscapes based on the SAP monitoring tool Scansor.

itesys and ZHAW develop AI-driven monitoring of complex SAP system landscapes

Frauenfeld, June 2nd 2021. itesys AG, the SAP Basis specialist, is working with the ZHAW to develop learning software with artificial intelligence for monitoring complex SAP landscapes based on the SAP monitoring tool Scansor. The project is supported by Innosuisse, the Swiss agency for innovation promotion.

With Scansor, itesys AG already has a proven software solution for monitoring SAP systems. Under the project name "Scansor 2.0", the Frauenfeld-based company, together with the ZHAW School of Engineering, is expanding the software with intelligent algorithms for monitoring statuses, but also for the early (predictive) detection of error states. The monitoring solution is to be further developed with artificial intelligence (AI). The monitoring tool uses the automation of intelligent behaviour and machine learning to enable end-to-end monitoring in the SAP environment.

The innovation project is funded by Innosuisse and focuses on three main topics:

  • End-to-end monitoring: in future, Scansor's development should also enable it to fully monitor business processes in the SAP application environment.

  • Smart Predictive Monitoring: Continuously learning and intelligent algorithms should make predictions about potential sources of error, interpret them correctly, support the IT team and minimise the risk of errors.

  • Smart ticket handling: this results in fewer alerts, increased ticket quality and reduced ticket processing time thanks to correct prioritisation and allocation in terms of system criticality

Dr Andreas Weiler, ZHAW - Zurich University of Applied Sciences, says: "We are very proud that such an interesting collaboration has come about in these turbulent times and that our project 'Scansor 2.0 - AI driven monitoring of complex SAP system landscapes' has been accepted and funded by Innosuisse." The motivated project team consists of a scientific group from the ZHAW and itesys employees from various areas such as development, infrastructure, solution architects, business development and marketing, as well as a project manager.

Tanja Schöller, Head of Scansor Business Development, itesys AG, adds: "Thanks to this innovation project, Scansor 2.0 and the standard sensors from PRTG Network Monitor will create software that can be used to monitor all layers such as network, storage, virtualisation, cloud, SAP Basis, SAP application and other applications."

The project was launched in April 2021 and will run for 24 months.

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