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What's next after SAP Solution Manager?

SAP users are facing a major challenge: support for SAP Solution Manager, the central tool for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), will be discontinued in 2027. This decision has sparked discussions and uncertainties within the industry. What does this mean for you and your business if you rely on SAP? What alternatives are available, and how can you replace the existing functionality of Solution Manager?

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SAP Cloud ALM as an Alternative?

Experts are currently debating potential successors and alternatives. Opinions vary, and there is no definitive solution yet. This uncertainty makes it crucial to explore possible options early on.

One of the most prominent alternatives currently being discussed is SAP Cloud ALM. Let's take a closer look at what SAP Cloud ALM promises:


Shifts ALM processes to the cloud and offers modern features


Enables central management and monitoring of SAP systems in a cloud-based environment


Provides functionalities for project management, test management, and business process monitoring


Facilitates more efficient implementation and operational processes


Benefits of cloud architecture: better scalability, flexibility, and potentially higher reliability


Continuous development will integrate more features and address current gaps over time

Challenges of SAP Cloud ALM

Sounds promising, right? However, SAP Cloud ALM currently cannot fully replace all the functionalities of SAP Solution Manager.

In areas such as IT service management and system monitoring, the solution still has significant gaps. Features like comprehensive incident and problem management, as well as detailed system monitoring familiar from SAP Solution Manager, are currently missing in SAP Cloud ALM. Additionally, important areas like test process automation and the creation of training materials and documentation are not yet fully covered. There's still work to be done.

In our next blog, we will delve deeper into the current challenges of SAP Cloud ALM and show you how to overcome them. We will discuss which additional tools and migration techniques are necessary to ensure a smooth transition. Don't miss the valuable insights and tips on how to optimize your ALM processes for the future!

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