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Bacula: the network-enabled data backup program

The free software Bacula allows its users to check, backup or even restore data in the computer network with heterogeneous clients. The program supports backup clients from Windows, macOS, Unix and Linux. In addition, a number of professional backup devices (including tape libraries) are also supported by Bacula.

Various options are available for system control. Using a graphical user interface, a console or even a web interface, operators and administrators can perform control.

The database systems SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL are used as backend for storing meta information.

An official SAP and SAP HANA backup implementation with Bacula Enterprise is possible using the SAP HANA plugin. This technology integration means that data centers can freely backup and restore their data.

Reliable work in the background

Once properly configured, Bacula performs its service in the background for a long time, requiring no administrative effort. Each task has its own program that is responsible for it. Whether it is transferring data over the network or reading data to be backed up. All tasks are handled by Bacula's own daemon. Data backup is absolutely necessary and this from a technical point of view network-capable data backup program offers a sophisticated way to do this.