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What is SAP CRM?

The SAP Customer Relationship Management

SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) is a module that takes care of customer management. Relevant marketing and sales tasks are handled in it. Marketing aims to increase awareness of the products and the company's own brand. Sales activities are aimed at increasing sales of the respective products in a targeted manner. SAP CRM supports service as well as the Interaction Center, Internet, and mobile clients. SAP CRM belongs to the SAP Business Suite product group.

The module collects all relevant data and results obtained from sales, customer information, marketing measures, services and many others. From these results, adapted strategies and corresponding new measures can be developed. These also influence the global approach to the market already being worked on and, based on these results, open up strategies to penetrate new markets. All relevant historical data is stored, which includes customer processing and consulting. Finally, the module includes the final contract design. This includes the respective adjustments and exceptions.

This data is also made available by SAP to mobile users, such as laptops, cell phones and tablets, so that they can react promptly when they are on a customer visit, for example.

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