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What is SAP HCM?

Human Capital Management

SAP HCM (Human Capital Management) is the technical support for a company regarding operational and strategic human resource management. It aims to map all key functions required in the HR area. User target groups are the HR departments of many diverse industries. For example, they include the automotive sector, textile and construction industries, energy supply and many more. Even educational institutions such as schools can benefit from and use the software module.

The functions within the SAP HCM module are further subdivided. These include Personnel Administration (PA), which deals with recruitment such as staffing positions and personnel administration such as master data maintenance. The Recruitment module (PB) deals more specifically with the requirements of the positions for conversion to job postings, as can be seen later in Online Job Exchange. Payroll (PY) is carried out by means of applicable laws and regulations, which also includes travel expense accounting. Personnel Time Management (PT) records the time attendance and absences of internal and external employees. At the same time, it records work performed, which can be forwarded and processed to other applications as a basis for information. Event Management (PE) organizes events and assists with personal employee development. Organizational Management (OM) deals with the structure of a company's organization. It is thus the basis for applicant and junior staff management.

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