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What is a SAP Basis system

SAP Basis refers to the IT underlying the SAP system. It includes various middleware programs and tools and is responsible for the smooth operation of the SAP system.

With SAP Basis, SAP delivers the foundation of its software. On this basis, SAP applications can be used independently of the operating system and database, interact with each other and be enriched with data. Based on a client/server architecture, SAP Basis includes configuration, a relational database management system, and a graphical user interface.

Using various user, administration and monitoring tools, the SAP Basis system is controlled and managed by an administrator, who is thus responsible for its trouble-free operation. Many companies hand over these tasks to an external service provider.

The three layers of the Basis system

SAP Basis consists of three layers: a database layer, an application layer and a presentation layer.

The database layer manages all data of the R/3 system. This layer contains the database management system and the data stock.

A central component of the R/3 system is the application layer. SAP calls this layer the actual base system. Message server and application server are located here.

The software components for graphical presentation are located in the presentation layer. This layer acts as an interface to users.

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