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SAP PM (Plant Maintenance)

SAP PM maps all functionalities that are required for the processing of maintenance measures. All functionalities, activities and maintenance measures that are necessary to enable and ensure maintenance in accordance with DIN 31051 are mapped.

All important maintenance issues are covered, such as inspection, maintenance, repair or integration with other modules, materials management, production, sales, personnel management and control. With SAP PM you are safe.

What are the critical success factors for the effective implementation of SAP PM?

Maintenance and operations managers should use SAP PM to provide information and intelligence on plant performance and maintenance. With this reporting, management can improve their decision-making processes. Management uses various reports to measure and improve resource consumption. Production planners can integrate into their maintenance planning and hardware maintenance for preventive maintenance planning.

Capacity can be planned in advance in the work contract or process list. This is where workflow implementations can have a significant impact on the smooth flow of information. Implementation alone will not improve the maintenance work of the organisation. System users need to understand how SAP works and how it can be used as a tool to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance.