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SAP R/3 has been a successful ERP software of the German software company SAP. The software enabled the digitalisation of business processes in the client-server model. There were functional modules for various business processes, but technically they were part of the monolithic software. Later, the software solution was merged into "SAP ERP".

Excursus: How did SAP R/3 come into being?

We write in our calendar 1992, when the company and the German SAP software giant launched the SAP R/3 release. The client-server model was a trend and SAP R/3 was one of the latest products. SAP R/3 is designed to coordinate and integrate information and control all other activities that business processes demand.

In December 2003 R/3 was renamed mySAP ERP, and from 2007 SAP ERP Central Component (ECC). The R stands for "Realtime" and the "3" for the programme generation.The application is the successor to SAP R/2.