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SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management)

Supply chain management describes the value chain, i.e. the organisation of the procurement, storage and delivery of goods. Several trading partners, such as shipping companies, are involved in this process. With SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management), processes in the supply structure and thus in the entire manufacturing process become more effective and easier to track.

With SAP SCM, the processes within the supply chain can be examined in real time and changed if necessary. In this way, it will no longer happen that a delivery sits unprocessed on the company premises for hours: All participants in the supply chain are informed in real time about what needs to be done now.

The Internet of Things is already a reality and puts every market participant in a favourable position who has it. The company that can link its manufacturing and delivery process with many digital systems, with devices and sensors, will be able to produce and deliver faster, on time and also cheaper than the analogue competition.