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What does the term "SAP Module" mean?

Modules are sub-areas which, in the broadest sense, are applications that build on each other. Within SAP there are various processes that are connected to each other as if by a kind of cogwheel system. For this reason, it is a system that only functions as a whole. In this respect, the term "SAP module" can seem misleading at first glance. After all, these sub-areas are not independent, which would also be called modular with another word.

All SAP modules are parts of a large whole and belong to the super-product SAP ERP. This is an information system that is specially designed for companies. It is the main product of the German company SAP SE, which has been on the market since 1993.

One module, for example, includes the entire accounting and thus also the bookkeeping of a company, while another is used for human resources management. There is also a module for logistics. They all interact with each other and thus ensure the necessary flexibility in a company - regardless of its size.