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24/7 SAP monitoring with PRTG and SAP sensors from itesys

In the driving seat thanks to 24/7 SAP monitoring with SAP sensors from itesys. After modernizing its SAP ERP, ESA was looking for a reliable and user-friendly solution and chose a solution from itesys based on good references.


Once the independent Purchasing Organisation of the Swiss Car and Motor Vehicle Industry (ESA) had modernised its SAP ERP solution, the next question that cropped up related to a reliable and user-friendly monitoring system. The answer was a custom-made solution consisting of the PRTG Network Monitor network monitoring suite (from Paessler) and special SAP and database sensors Scansor developed by itesys. They read information directly from the SAP system and the heart of the SAP HANA® database. This combination means that ESA has all the key SAP system processes completely under control at all times and can rectify problems before they affect everyday business. The special extra is that itesys provides 24/7 SAP Basis support for ESA too.

The challenge

ESA migrated its SAP ERP solution to SAP S/4HANA® in 2019. It launched a new online shop, a new PIM solution and new mobile devices for the chauffeurs at the same time. Heinz Rolli (Head of IT Development at ESA) explained: ‘The multi-path project was a complete challenge for our 15-member IT team. However, since we only have one SAP infrastructure specialist, the topics of SAP system monitoring and SAP Basis support were focal points from an early stage. We have a very high level of automation and have to be able to precisely monitor the corresponding batch processes and jobs in SAP.’ ESA was already using a monitoring solution with the old SAP system. The problem was that it provided too little and too inaccurate information and did not meet the latest requirements. When it came to monitoring and SAP Basis support, ESA’s implementation partner at that time was unable to present a convincing 24/7 concept.

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Our solution

SAP Monitoring monitors all SAP systems and databases

This is where the SAP monitoring solution Scansor from itesys came into play. The SAP sensors provide reliable information about performance and potential problems – automatically and around the clock. The measurement data is read directly from the heart of the corresponding SAP system or database using the RFC interface and displayed with a traffic light system on the dashboard of the PRTG Network Monitor network monitoring software (from the manufacturer Paessler). Push notifications can be sent automatically from the PRTG mobile app if and when irregularities occur.

Monitoring put on the road in a single day

The SAP sensors from itesys monitor updates, SAP jobs, dialogue response times, work process utilisation and other important parameters. Sensors for databases (SAP HANA®, SQL, Sybase, MaxDB, Oracle and DB2) are available too. itesys implemented and configured PRTG and the SAP sensors on ESA’s premises in a single day.

The client is raving about…

Automated workflows completely under control

‘With the combination of Scensor, itesys’ SAP sensors and the PRTG software, we have the real-time system information we really need, right down to the transaction codes. We are now in complete control of the numerous batch processes and SAP jobs in our automated order processing and picking workflows and can intervene immediately if necessary. With eight branches that each have four daily delivery rounds, 120 delivery vans and 5,000 orders per day, this lifts an enormous amount of strain off of us and allows us to avoid delays in deliveries,’ commented Mr Rolli, making an initial, very positive interim assessment.

Everything from the expert: 24/7 monitoring and 24/7 support

The ‘SAP Expert Desk’ from itesys also offers ESA comprehensive 24/7 SAP Basis support with guaranteed response and intervention times. ‘We now have simple, compact and at-a-glance monitoring of the SAP systems and networks. It doesn’t get any better than the monitoring solution developed and implemented by itesys itself,’ remarked the project manager with a smile.

itesys' services

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  • PRTG network monitoring, supplemented with SAP monitoring sensors from itesys

  • SAP Expert Desk with 24/7 SAP Basis support and guaranteed reaction and intervention times

  • Installation and configuration of PRTG Network Monitor

  • Installation and configuration of the itesys SAP sensors and definition of thresholds

  • Consulting and analysis

  • Training and support

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  • Complete control over the relevant system processes and databases like SAP HANA

  • Monitoring adapted precisely to the customer’s needs

  • Values shown on the PRTG dashboard in a clear and meaningful way

  • Failure prevention; higher process reliability and system availability

  • Constant and high service quality, thus greater customer satisfaction

  • Less of a burden on the IT team

We really weren’t satisfied with our previous partner. But with itesys, we found the best package consisting of an SAP monitoring solution and SAP Basis support. We have come to know itesys as a very goal-oriented and committed partner. We always received quick, expert support if we had any questions.
Heinz Rolli, Head of IT Development at ESA