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Saving on time with 24/7 SAP monitoring

itesys implemented the SAP monitoring solution Scansor for PRTG. The sensors monitor SAP databases and system processes directly at the source.

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The challenge

Manual SAP monitoring swallows up both time and money. The Model Group maintains a distributed SAP system landscape with approximately 30 instances at its head office in Switzerland and another ten instances in the Czech Republic deployed on a specialist basis in the Business Intelligence, Supply Chain Management and Production Divisions.

Christian Baum (Business Applications Team Leader at Model) explained: ‘In the past, our SAP system landscape monitoring was restricted largely to infrastructure level. Our monitoring activities were largely manual and time-consuming as a result. What we were lacking was a tool for monitoring internal SAP processes and, above all else, Sybase databases on a system-wide, ongoing basis and with a high degree of automation. Eventually, we brought up the issue with itesys, our long-standing SAP partner.’

Our solution

Fully automated monitoring

itesys offered Model the perfect solution for monitoring its SAP systems: Scansor, itesys’ SAP sensors for PRTG. This solution developed by itesys goes far beyond the features of standard SAP monitoring and offers out-of-the-box, extensive and agentless SAP monitoring.

Directly measuring the test values

The key difference is that itesys’ sensors measure test values directly at the causal system areas and present the results in a meaningful format. Since the sensors are fully integrated in the PRTG software, SAP system monitoring with itesys’ sensors is easy, efficient and extremely convenient.

The client is raving about…

A comprehensive overall view creates clarity

Christian Baum isn’t giving up his sensors any time soon: ‘Our roughly 320 sensors enable ongoing monitoring of our databases and all the key processes. The sensors give us a logical view of the overall system and ensure that we can respond immediately if and when any problems occur.’

A sophisticated solution saves time – and frustration

The IT specialist stresses the importance of the SAP know-how behind the sensors: ‘itesys knows SAP inside and out, and uses the sensors to monitor several hundred SAP instances. This expertise is palpable in all aspects.’ Mr Baum summed the experience up by remarking: ‘Automatic 24/7 SAP monitoring has taken an enormous amount of pressure off our small IT team. We save up to two hours each day, giving us more time for other projects. And it helps me sleep better too!’

itesys' services

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  • Automated 24/7 monitoring of the SAP system landscape with itesys SAP sensors and PRTG

  • Consulting and analysis

  • Installation and configuration

  • Definition of threshold values

  • Training and support

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  • Simple and reliable round-the-clock monitoring of system-relevant parameters

  • Preventing failures, increasing system availability and service quality

  • Reduced effort in SAP operation and relief of the IT team

  • Integration of SAP sensors in PRTG from Paessler

  • Automatic notifications in case of failures

  • Mobile app connection with push notifications

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Automatic 24/7 SAP monitoring using itesys’ sensors has taken an enormous amount of pressure off our small IT team. We save up to two hours each day, which gives us more time for other projects. Our cooperation with itesys is incredibly smooth; they are genuine SAP specialists – that much is evident day in, day out.
Christian Baum, Business Applications Team Leader, Model AG