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Hamilton AG
SAP on Azure makes SMEs flexible

Hamilton AG was looking for a cost-effective and flexible succession solution for its outdated SAP on-premise systems. itesys was able to win over the SME for a very innovative solution approach.

Hamilton AG

The challenge

Hamilton AG’s system landscape consisted of two SAP systems run on its own in-house servers. Roughly 20 users worked with the productive system each day, while a second system was only used sporadically by the in-house IT specialists for tests and system adjustments. The server hardware was at the end of its life cycle, so a solution was needed for the next few years. The most important requirements for the SME were cost-efficiency and flexibility. itesys then suggested a new way forward to Hamilton: SAP on Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Our solution

Easier than you might expect: SAP on Azure Cloud

Hamilton AG was already using Microsoft Windows, SQL Server and Office 365. So it was open to the Azure approach. Stefan Dunsch (Head of Professional Services at itesys), remarked: ‘SAP on Azure was new territory for us too. From encryption for volumes and backups to data files in BLOBS, there were a few things that were completely new to us. And we were surprised by how simple the migration from SAP 6.0 to the cloud was, and by the performance the systems delivered. Even a temporary increase in resources for importing Enhancement Package 8 was totally smooth and could be reversed in a timely manner too.’

Adding functions and resources at any time

Hamilton now uses both the productive SAP system and the test system as a completely cloud-based solution. Features and resources (storage space, backups, CPU power, RAM, geographical use regions, etc.) can be added at any time. itesys provides SAP operations, monitoring and the features it still needs like the SAProuter and SAP Solution Manager, just like a hosting solution.

The client is raving about…

Test systems are more flexible and much more affordable

Per-second billing makes a noticeable difference, especially with the sporadically used test system. The IT team can now also quickly and easily clone entire systems for tests. Stefan Dunsch from itesys said: ‘SAP on Azure is a practical addition to on-prem solutions and dedicated hosting, and is well suited to companies that create developments for SAP themselves and make repeated use of test systems. It’s also ideal for those who rarely use their test environment or legacy systems, for example.’

A high-performance system and pleasant user experience

Nothing has changed for the users: Nicolas Stirnemann (Hamilton’s Head of IT) remarked: ‘Users are still using SAP as usual. The cloud solution offers a wide range of access privileges through the Azure Active Directory, which guarantees that nothing is changed without authorisation.’ itesys monitors the SAP systems in the cloud around the clock and has set up a practical single sign-on through the Azure Active Directory so users can log in with their existing Office 365 credentials.

itesys' services

Hamilton AG | Steinackerstrasse 21 | 8302 Kloten | Switzerland

  • Migration of the productive SAP system and the SAP test system to Azure Cloud

  • Upgrade to the latest ERP 6.0 version, Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016

  • Review of SAP conformity

  • SAP-ready setup of the cloud environment

  • SAP installation

  • SAP 6.0 system migration and upgrade

  • 24/7 operation and monitoring

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  • Cost savings due to the ‘pay-as-you-use’ concept

  • Simple cloning of SAP system environments

  • Flexible system expansion using a central cockpit

  • itesys’ 24/7 operation and monitoring of the SAP environment enables streamlined IT and focus on the core business

itesys’ ongoing maintenance and monitoring of our systems meant we hardly needed any of our own IT resources, so we could concentrate completely on our core business. The unrivalled support setup and the professionalism and experience of the itesys staff have taken an enormous amount of strain off our in-house staff.
Nicolas Stirnemann, CTO / Head of IT at Hamilton AG