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Rent a SAP Basis Consultant!

Our experts are your experts: let us take a look at your SAP Basis solution and relieve the pressure on your in-house team.

Bye, skilled labour shortage!

A high workload, capacity shortages and constant cost pressure are a sad reality in many internal company SAP teams. Strategic topics like SAP S/4HANA often fall by the wayside. Why not just add more staff to the in-house team? That’s easier said than done, due in part to a shortage of skilled workers and high recruitment costs. The solution? Rent SAP Bass consultants now!

Rent a SAP Basis Consultant now

Instead of expanding your in-house team, you can quickly and easily bring into your organisation experienced SAP technology consultants who can be put to work straight away – whether you need individual consultants or an entire team. Our SAP Basis Consultants based at a nearshoring site in Romania integrate seamlessly into your team and work in your environment with your tools. You get the best SAP experts on your team and can manage them as needed to work through your backlog. For all tasks that crop up in SAP Basis operations like routine tasks, lifecycle management with updates, patches, upgrades or troubleshooting and support ticket handling.

Nearshoring SAP Basis experts

Get the best SAP experts today. Your advantages:

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    Immediate relief

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    Without long lead times

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    You control according to your needs

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    Flexible contract terms: For peak loads or long-term

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    We work in your environment with your tools

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    Seamless integration and seamless transition

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    Nearshoring instead of somewhere overseas: we understand your language and your culture

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    Stable, powerful and secure SAP basis for your SAP applications

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