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Automate your
SAP ALM Processes

Repetitive manual activities in your ALM processes are now a thing of the past.

Manual repetitive work in SAP ALM processes wastes time

Have you got your hands full managing your SAP landscape? This is probably because you often have to perform repetitive work for your Application Lifecycle Management processes manually, due to system and media discontinuities between the ALM tools used. This means that you don’t have enough time left for your core tasks, namely assuring that SAP runs smoothly.

The solution: Automate your SAP ALM

Digitalizing and automating all SAP ALM processes is a huge help here, from monitoring to alerting and event processing, to forwarding and processing through SAP Support. This also saves huge amounts of time, resources, and money. Here at itesys, we support you in this process as a trusted advisor and SAP ALM integrator with a wealth of experience, via consultation from our SAP ALM experts.

Your integrated SAP ALM platform

Based on your requirements, we will create an integration platform tailored to your needs in close cooperation with you. This platform will bring together metrics, events, and messages and enable end-to-end SAP ALM processing, e.g. integration of SAP messages and events in different ITSM solutions as an ALM service from itesys. Whichever monitoring, ticketing, and ITSM solutions you choose to implement, you are sure to obtain great results, be it with our SAP monitoring tool Scansor for 24/7 monitoring in real time, the SAP Solution Manager which includes SAP Focused Build and SAP Focused Insights, SAP Focused Run, SAP Cloud ALM, and bmc, Jira, or ServiceNow Software.

Comprehensive expertise in SAP Application Lifecycle Management

A high level of skill in ALM tools from SAP or third-party providers

Product-neutral digitalization and automation of SAP ALM processes

Designing and structuring a cloud-based, personalized, and integrated SAP ALM platform

Simple approaches thanks to an assembly with standardized modules

Do you have any questions on the automation of your SAP ALM processes?

Do you have questions that relate to automating the ALM processes for your SAP landscape? Let us know what you’re interested in, if there are any issues, and how our ALM experts can support you with personalized ALM services!

SAP Application Lifecyle Management (ALM) webinar

In just 45 minutes, our webinar shows you how to recognize potential areas for automation and exploit its true power! With this webinar, you can sustainably and effectively automate routine tasks in the SAP ALM process, boost the efficiency of SAP operation, and increase transparency. As an SAP ALM integrator, itesys offers solutions which use simple tools to achieve long-term quick wins.

Recognize potential areas for SAP ALM automation

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