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SAP Authorisation

For your role-based SAP authorisation concept: From SAP users to SAP roles - we support you in managing your SAP authorisations efficiently.

SAP authorisation concept:
Who is allowed to do what?

The worst case scenario is not always an external attack. More often, access to sensitive data is the result of improperly assigned SAP authorisations or security gaps in data transfer between different systems.

The secure solution: a dynamic SAP authorisation concept! We consider access rights from the outset of every SAP project, regardless of whether it is a new SAP implementation (greenfield), customisation (brownfield) or the expansion of your SAP system landscape (partial).

Our SAP security specialists will support you with years of experience and best practices. In workshops, they work with you to model the SAP authorisations for your processes and workflows and use this to create a comprehensive SAP authorisation concept - compliant and auditable.

Why are SAP authorisations important?

SAP authorisation management is crucial to ensure that the right people have access to the right data and functions in your SAP system at the right time (SAP users and SAP roles). An effective SAP authorisation concept ensures the security of sensitive information, minimises risks of data misuse and compliance violations and increases the efficiency of your business processes.



They help to protect company data from unauthorised access and misuse.



Users only get the functions they need and are not overloaded with unnecessary information.



Companies often have to comply with legal regulations and data protection provisions. SAP authorisations support this compliance.



They make it possible to track activities in the system and find out who has performed which actions.

Ideal SAP authorisation concept with itesys

We offer a comprehensive range of services to optimise the management of your SAP authorisations. Our experienced team supports you in the planning, implementation and continuous improvement of your SAP authorisations.

Our SAP authorisations services include:

  • Analysis and evaluation: We analyse your existing authorisations, identify weaknesses and evaluate the effectiveness of your current authorisation structure. On this basis, we develop customised solutions to meet your security requirements.

  • Creation of an SAP authorisation concept: We design an efficient and well-structured SAP authorisation concept based on your business processes and compliance requirements. We take your specific requirements into account and ensure a clear separation of tasks and responsibilities.

  • Implementation of the SAP authorisation concept: In a mandate for authorisation support, we implement the provided SAP authorisation concept in your organisation and ensure that the required SAP roles are correctly assigned to the SAP user. In doing so, we ensure comprehensive monitoring and documentation of all access rights.

  • Support: Our support team is available to answer your questions and help you solve SAP authorisation issues. Support via our internal ticket system can also be considered.

How do you benefit from our SAP authorisation services?

With our many years of experience in SAP authorisation management, we are your trusted partner. With the approach that every company is unique, we tailor your SAP authorisation concept to the specific requirements of your company.

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fulfil upcoming revisions - worry-free.


Expand capacity

Relieve your internal team.



Feel secure with your professional SAP authorisation concept!


Expansion of expertise

You benefit from know-how transfer for your team.


Save effort

You save unnecessary effort for corrections during upgrades.


Save time

& costs

and concentrate on your daily business.

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