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SAP Professional Services

If you are looking for SAP Basis technology, you’ve come to the right place. Our certified SAP technology experts are passionate about crafting tailor-made SAP solutions.

With our in-depth SAP consulting, we can accelerate innovation for your SAP technology together. We will guide you through challenging SAP technology projects so that you can take centre stage in your business. In our SAP Basis consulting, we accompany you for the entire process, from technical consulting to the acceptance of SAP operations. With our SAP project managers, your SAP project is in the right hands: they take responsibility and lead your project to success.

SAP Security & Compliance

Protect your SAP landscape comprehensively.In addition to your SAP security wall protecting the systems, a dedicated authorisation and identity management is indispensable, supplemented by SAP single sign-on or the itesys “Firefighter” for breakdown-free access rights. With SAP security monitoring, you can detect and proactively monitor security gaps. The combination of SAP and itesys tools supports your SAP security and compliance management. Not quite sure whether your SAP systems are sufficiently protected? Run a security check with us to uncover vulnerabilities and fix them effectively.

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SAP Setup & Realisation

Is your business introducing an SAP system for the first time or, are you researching the benefits in migrating your current system to SAP S/4HANA? If so, itesys consultants have the industry experience to guide you through the development process while providing an actionary plan to bring your individualized goals into reality.

What does your system infrastructure and architecture need to look like to fit your business needs and performance goals? What is the ideal hardware size necessary to ensure that your SAP system performs efficiently with high availability? What business model and what cloud mix fits your current scale and future needs? Our experienced and skilled SAP technology consultants will give you the answers to all these questions.

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SAP Lifecycle Management

Part of life cycle management is that your system adapts to your company's development. We ensure that your SAP system keeps up with your growth, efficiently supporting it. In this process, you should always keep your SAP system up to date to operate it in a highly available, secure manner. We take care of system maintenance for you so that you can focus on whatever you need to. The prompt installation of updates, patches and enhancement packages, the implementation of platform or database migrations, system copies or client copies, the installation of upgrades or an SAP performance analysis and your SAP security are just as essential as the switch to SAP S/4HANA.

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SAP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

We consult you with comprehensive know-how in SAP Application Lifecycle Management - independent of ALM tools, be it SAP or third-party providers. You benefit from the design and development of an individual and integrated SAP ALM platform with digitalisation and automation in the SAP ALM process. itesys supports you as a trusted advisor and SAP ALM integrator with all our experience and advice from our SAP ALM experts.

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SAP Solution Manager (SolMan)

Would you like to learn more about the SAP Solution Manager with its numerous workflow-based features, or maybe you have specific questions about this powerful tool kit? We provide specific answers, implement SolMan (complete or partial implementation) and set up the tools for you according to your needs. Everything is ITIL compliant. You can also use Shared SolMan from itesys as a service – without needing any setup or know-how of your own. In this way, you can use the basic functions for your holistic SAP application life cycle management.

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You completed your Go-Live, and now you want to make sure that your SAP systems are running smoothly? Let our experienced SAP Basis consultants take care of it. Whether as remote management of your on-premise systems in SAP outtasking or as SAP Managed Service with SAP outsourcing of your ERP system SAP S/4HANA - we are by your side to help and guide you.

We take care of all SAP Basis tasks and monitor your SAP landscape to keep your systems running - trouble-free and with high availability. Your benefits: A large and well-coordinated team of certified SAP Basis consultants and flexible contract models for transition and operation.

Is your SAP system already running?Our SAP Basis experts are happy to take care of the operations.