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SAP Lifecycle Management

Dynamic SAP Application Lifecycle Management: help your SAP system keep pace with your growth.

SAP Lifecycle Management: system maintenance & expansion

Do you want to adapt your SAP system to new requirements, optimise or switch to S/4HANA without disrupting ongoing operations? Maintaining your SAP system landscape is also important in between these major advances. Regular patches like SAP support packages, SAP KERNEL patches, SAP Security notes and database patches help ensure that your software is always up to date.

We take care of your lifecycle management for you. During SAP operation, we take responsibility for the installation, updates, troubleshooting and smooth performance of your SAP system – always tailored to your individual security and compliance specifications.


SAP implementation

Installation and configuration of SAP systems. Technical implementation of migrations and infrastructure concepts. Optimisation of database, operating system and Cloud platforms. Transition to Cloud or hybrid solutions.


SAP migrations/conversions

Conversion to SAP S/4HANA, BW/4HANA or migration of the SAP Fiori Gateway to an embedded scenario. Migration of operating system and database to on-premise or public or private cloud.


SAP system maintenance

Ongoing maintenance and regular backups ensure the physical security of your SAP systems and data. That includes technical release switches, installing enhancements, SAP support package stacks, SAP patches, SAP updates and upgrades for all SAP-supported database platforms.


SAP performance

Status analysis and measures to boost the performance of your SAP system to always guarantee the best possible performance.


SAP Solution Manager

Change requests have to be checked, faults identified and corrections installed. Central SAP Change Request Management (ChaRM) simplifies planning and monitoring and increases maintenance and project efficiency.


SAP security & compliance

Lifecycle activities such as the installation of SAP Notes, corrections from SAP Security Notes or parameter checking, certificates and password guidelines. Custom-structured SAP permission management and lifecycle management (e.g. SAP IdM) and a scalable SAP security concept with integrated SAP security monitoring.

Further development
of your SAP Systems

Whether it be large or small, we have the service that you need: We offer everything from small-scale SAP Lifecycle Management assessments, such as the analysis of your SAP landscape, up to lifecycle workshops and detailed consulting projects.

SAP technology workshops

Our experts have an answer for everything. Sometimes more than one.

In our technology workshops, we focus on individual specialist topics related to SAP technology and show you and your in-house team how to get the best out of your SAP system. What exactly are these workshops about?

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SAP S/4HANA workshop

In a check-up workshop, we work together to determine your framework conditions in order to understand your system architecture, its processes and S/4HANA readiness. Afterwards, you receive a migration recommendation as well as a custom roadmap.


SAP security management

Identification and elimination of security gaps as well as methods and services (itesys Security Monitoring) for proactive, compliant protection of your SAP systems.


SAP authorization optimization

Management of SAP permissions, establishment of process-oriented permission concepts, standardised system-wide permissions, upgrade compatibility.


User lifecycle optimization with SAP IdM

Integration of SAP Identity Management as a central component for the management of identities for SAP and non-SAP systems. On-Premise, cloud or hybrid scenarios with the integration of SAP Cloud Identity Services (CIS).


SAP Solution Manager (SolMan)

Functioning and use of the SolMan tools Change Request Management (ChaRM), Focused Build, Solution Documentation and Test Management in your SAP development projects.


JIRA integration

SAP integration of JIRA into the technical SAP transport system with system-controlled problem management and operational project management processes.


Optimization of your SAP landscape

Analysis of the status and mechanisms for a high-performance SAP infrastructure and architecture and optimally-supported business processes.

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