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SAP Public Cloud
SAP with Hyperscalers.

Public cloud: pay-as-you-go as part of a holistic cloud strategy.

SAP Public Cloud: enjoy all the benefits of our managed service.

Would you like to run your SAP system on one of the major hyperscalers like Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Microsoft Azure? No problem! We take care of managing SAP Public Cloud infrastructure-as-a-service and providing SAP S/4HANA on hyperscalers for you with transparent pay-as-you-go billing. You benefit from customised Service Level Agreements (SLAs), a high degree of automation, state-of-the-art SAP monitoring and our centrally managed support organisation.

Tailor-made resources for more sustainable setups

Flexible, load-dependent configurations available

Implementation of additional systems and quick setup of new solutions

Certified and legally compliant data centres around the world

Ensured business continuity with offsite backups and disaster recovery

Skilled and experienced itesys SAP Basis experts in our support organisation

Are you feeling the pressure to change?

Then convert or migrate your system to SAP S/4HANA with an SAP Public Cloud migration hosted by one of the large hyperscalers. With our managed service for Public Cloud, you can easily maintain basic SAP operation and at the same time take care of your core business and digitisation. Are you ready for the public cloud?

  • Your system landscape is at its capacity limit - time to change platforms

  • The right infrastructure without investing in your own hardware

  • Migration with experienced SAP and Microsoft or Google-certified consultants

  • You can concentrate on running and innovating your day-to-day business with our managed service

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SAP Public Cloud. Concept. Migration. Managed Service.

With finely tuned consulting and transformation services, as well as an SAP Public Cloud migration, we pave your way to the Public or Hybrid Cloud. What can we offer?

SAP Public Cloud Assessment:

We give you a clear overview of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). You get a roadmap to the cloud with dos and don'ts, always tailored to your own requirements so that you achieve your goals.

SAP Public Cloud Workshop:

Our SAP Public Cloud W orkshop gives you real insights. In it, we analyse your current SAP landscape. On this basis, we show you how to simplify and plan your target landscape. The subsequent concept focuses on the right target design and ensures you have the right platform configuration. The result is a solution that suits you, which also allows for hybrid scenarios.

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itesys provided us with fantastic support and guidance during the transition to SAP on the Azure cloud platform. We hardly need any of our own IT resources thanks to ongoing maintenance and monitoring of our systems by itesys, which enables us to concentrate fully on our core business. The unrivalled support set-up and the experience of the itesys SAP Basis experts have taken an enormous amount of strain off our in-house staff.
Nicolas Stirnemann, CTO / Head of IT Hamilton AG

SAP on Microsoft Azure

Learn why itesys is the best choice for cooperation between SAP and Microsoft Azure:

  • Microsoft’s data centre – local conditions, global reach

  • Managed Service – merging of engineering and SAP operations

  • Strong partnership – joint solutions ready for the future

  • Security – the defensive power of a hyperscaler

SAP on Microsoft Azure

Expert talk with Primo Amrein, Cloud Lead at Microsoft Switzerland and Sascha Lioi, Managing Director of itesys

SAP Hybrid Cloud

According to your requirements, we orchestrate your SAP system in several environments in a mix of private and public cloud, which we seamlessly connect with each other. In this way, we get the most out of every cloud for you and create the connection between your own and rented hardware.

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