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SAP Security
& Compliance

Preventive. Intelligent. Resilient. Seamless SAP security at the highest level, From concept to operation.

Complete SAP Security

SAP landscapes are constantly changing. At first glance, the systems seem secure, but if you look at them in more detail, you will often find small security gaps that can cause major damage to SAP security. Efficiently operating modern SAP system landscapes and maintaining their security at the same time is a real challenge that shouldn’t be underestimated!

Be on the safe side with our SAP Security Check. We examine your systems, data and processes for security deficiencies, which we immediately rectify together, and establish a seamless SAP security concept. Your systems are protected with our "SAP Security Wall”.

To ensure that this remains the case, the updates that SAP regularly offers should also be installed promptly, and your SAP system should always be kept up to date. We take care of your SAP landscape maintenance and install patches and service packs so that your SAP infrastructure remains secure and efficient without disrupting SAP operations.

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SAP Authorisation concept

The worst-case scenario is not always an outside attack. Critical data is much more often accessed due to faulty authorisations or during transmission between systems.

The secure solution: A dynamic SAP Authorisation concept. We think about access rights from the start for every SAP project. Our SAP Security specialists support you based on their many years of experience and best practices.

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SAP Identity Management

Easily automate access! Onboarding and offboarding new employees, changes in tasks or setting up a substitute are just a few examples of situations that require quick adjustments to SAP authorisations. Implemented in a compliant manner, SAP Identity Management (IdM) allows you to manage all SAP user identities and their authorisations centrally and in a tamper-proof manner.

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itesys Firefighter

Have you ever expanded the access rights of an employee as part of a substitution arrangement and then forgot to withdraw them?

Our itesys Firefighter prevents such mishaps. It also monitors time-limited and privileged SAP authorisations and automatically resets them at the end of their time spans. Each executed transaction is logged and thus remains traceable.

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SAP Single Sign-On (SSO)

One single log-in for central access to all systems? SAP Single Sign-On (SSO) makes it possible. SSO gives your team a positive user experience, boosts productivity and simplifies user authentication. SSO also offers two big advantages for your security hardening: secure system access and encrypted data transfer across the network. Happy users, SAP security guaranteed!