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SAP Security

Alarm! A user opens the productive client or assigns critical SAP authorisations. What if an attacker bypasses authorisation checks? Attacks on critical SAP systems happen every day, often unnoticed.

Recognise & close security gaps

You've probably already experienced this. The productive SAP client is opened to make changes in the system and then you forget to close it again. A user assigns himself critical SAP authorisations and bypasses the authorisation check by changing the ABAP code at runtime. The result: the door is open to manipulation.

With SAP Security Monitoring, you permanently close security gaps in the SAP system. You prevent the misuse of higher SAP authorisations and even identify trends. With automated reports, you can immediately generate important evidence for your SAP security audits.

Thanks to dedicated security queries, the SAP monitoring solution based on Scansor and PRTG monitors SAP client changeability and SAP authorisations plus SAP parameters, and much more. Scansor monitors SAP systems, critical SAP processes, authorisations, parameter settings and, if required, SAP databases, memory utilisation and much more in the IT infrastructure.The current status is proactively and automatically displayed in dashboards in real time.

This benefits your internal IT in particular, as it is immediately alerted to security gaps and can close them without delay.The intelligent sensors in the software have knowledge from the SAP Security Baseline. This not only eliminates the need to build up additional SAP security expertise, but also time-consuming manual troubleshooting, leaving your internal IT department more time for its core tasks.With the SAP security monitoring solution Scansor, you massively increase the security of your SAP and non-SAP systems, with security hardening and SAP Security Wall.

SAP Security Monitoring: Benefits

Your benefits with the SAP Security Monitoring solution on-premise, as a managed service or hosted by us:


Automatic monitoring of your SAP security in real time, 24/7, with preconfigured SAP security sensors


Immediate detection of security gaps or manipulations in the SAP landscape


Immediate initiation of suitable measures


Permanent increase in SAP security (security hardening)


More time for core tasks by eliminating manual troubleshooting in internal IT

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Free guide to SAP security monitoring

We have developed a guide (in German) to help you minimise security risks - and how to guarantee the confidentiality, availability and integrity of your data without any gaps.