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Solution Manager (SolMan)

Comprehensive. Consistent. Secure. The best tools for your central SAP Application Lifecycle Management.

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SAP Solution Manager (SolMan) - many services in one toolbox

With the Solution Manager's sophisticated toolbox, you can keep all your business processes under your watchful eye – and under control, too. You can use it to easily manage your SAP landscape – from the start of the project to implementation and project documentation, maintenance and monitoring. Everything is ITIL compliant. SolMan is indispensable for a successful SAP S/4HANA strategy.

Take a peek inside the toolbox and see how you can tap into the full potential of these powerful tools.

Application Operations

The tools for monitoring, analysis and management ensure the availability of your entire SAP landscape.

Business Process Operations

Supports proper monitoring of business processes, ensuring consistent data and job scheduling management.

Change Control Management

Implement SAP system adaptations in a structured and workflow-based manner, audit-proof from the change request to the start of operations.

Custom Code Management

Manage all proprietary developments centrally – over the entire lifecycle from the requirement to discontinuation.

IT Service Management

The ITSM tool for the Service Desk. Incidents and service requests in both Support and Change Request Management are handled smoothly.

Process Management

System landscapes, along with their applications and business processes, are managed and documented thanks to Solution Documentation.

Test Management

Automated testing of system changes with workflows, for the functional testing of cross-system business processes.

Focused Solutions

The Solution Manager features preconfigured solutions such as Focused Build and Focused Insights. Need more? SAP also offers the stand-alone solution Focused Run.

What are the benefits of the SAP Solution Manager?

Harness the full potential of the powerful SAP Solution Manager to achieve…

  1. Convenient SAP application lifecycle management: As a central application management and administration platform with workflow-supported procedures, the Solution Manager allows you to smoothly implement projects for SAP system maintenance and expansion that are fully compliant for better audits.

  2. Optimised business processes: More efficient business processes due to use of best practices and process standards.

  3. Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO): Optimised processes and efficient projects over the lifecycle reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO).

  4. Smooth, high-performance SAP operations: Monitoring and analysis services forecast bottlenecks and faults. A reporting system allows you to intervene at an early stage.

  5. Easy integration of cloud and hybrid systems: The tools help you to set up cloud-based SAP applications and integrate them into your SAP landscape.

SAP Solution Manager services

Our experts know the SAP Solution Manager (SolMan) inside out – and they're ready to take you into their world. Benefit from best-practice solutions, on-prem or cloud.

SAP Solution Manager assessment: How do I use SolMan correctly?

Whether you are a first-time user of SAP Solution Manager or an existing SolMan user who wants to further optimise SAP Application Lifecycle Management, we'll tell you all you need to know.

A joint workshop provides a clear picture of where you stand, where you want to go and how we will get you there with SolMan. The next step involves creating a detailed roadmap outlining a specific cost estimate for maximum project transparency.

How we conduct the SAP Solution Manager assessment at itesys:

  • What the SolMan is capable of and what you really need

  • What’s needed to use additional features

  • We define and prioritise the features together

  • Clear roadmap with recommendations for action

  • Next steps, goals and procedures

Installing a new instance of SolMan with S/4HANA: a shortcut into a new world.

Would you like to switch to SAP S/4 HANA or implement it in an agile manner? With SolMan, you can gain initial experience without any licensing costs, since use is included in the maintenance fee. We’ve developed a method to speed up the SolMan design and implementation process – so you can take full advantage of the tools as quickly as possible.

Using SolMan in the switch to S/4HANA:

  • Provisioning the software

  • Briefing on the installation options

  • Installation and basic setup

  • Connecting the peripheral systems

  • Setting up EarlyWatch and other SAP services

  • Adapting the solution

  • Documentation to manage your processes in a structured way

Benefit from the Shared SAP Solution Manager – best of basics from itesys

Would you like to benefit from the SAP Solution Manager’s advantages without a great deal of effort? The "Shared Solution Manager" allows you to do just that: You can use the SolMan’s basic functions without any internal setup or know-how. We integrate your SAP landscape into our Shared SolMan for this purpose. The only limit is that work centres for incident management, change management or test management cannot be set up on this system.

Here’s how we bring the Shared Solution Manager to you:

  • Connecting the systems

  • Sharing the SAP Solution Manager

  • Connecting to SAP for maintenance tasks (Maintenance Planner)

  • Setting up EarlyWatch and other SAP services

Focused Solutions – fast and flexible

Use preconfigured and automated solutions for rapid deployment.

Focused Build

With Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager, you can even implement large SAP projects in an agile manner. Like a cockpit, it offers all the planning and management tools – from requirements management and software development, including build functions, to go-live. The preconfigured standard solution with tool-supported project methodology for agile release and software engineering shortens the development time, minimises technical risks and prevents project delays. It goes without saying that JIRA is integrated, and complete integration of demand, project, process, change, release and test management is provided as well. Continuous ITIL compliance is guaranteed.

Focused Insights

Do you want to keep your stakeholders up to date? Nothing could be easier. Focused Insights for SAP Solution Manager gives you powerful dashboards with best-practice KPIs and use cases for strategy, governance, and operations – in real time. Focused Insights leverages SAP Solution Manager data and integrates seamlessly with SAP solution management, with no licensing costs.

Focused Run

With the scalable monitoring solution, very large SAP HANA system and application landscapes can be securely monitored and controlled – with monitoring of high data volumes and AI use cases for predictive analytics. Resource bottlenecks and security vulnerabilities are a thing of the past thanks to the alert system with various analysis tools. SAP Focused Run can be run as a separate installation alongside your SAP Solution Manager and must be licensed from SAP. Securely monitor the largest environments.

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