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SAP Security

In our SAP security webinars, we demonstrate what you need to consider to protect your SAP systems.

Are you playing it safe when it comes to securing your SAP systems?

Even with the most comprehensive protection, it's often not enough, as seen in numerous reports of cybercrime. It manifests in ever-evolving forms and frequently inflicts severe damage on companies. However, the worst-case scenario isn’t always an external attack—more commonly, the end-user becomes the focal point of the security issue. Unauthorized access to critical data occurs frequently due to erroneous permissions or during data transmission between systems.

SAP Security: Sind deine SAP Systeme richtig geschützt?

Webinar Aufzeichnung | 30 min | High-level

Nicht immer ist der Worst Case ein Angriff von außen. Zunehmend steht dabei auch der Anwender selbst im Zentrum des Sicherheitsproblems. Wir zeigen dir in 30 Minuten, auf was du achten musst.

Du erfährst von unserem Experten Christian Rose wie itesys:

  • Sicherheitslücken in deinem Betrieb identifiziert (Security Check)

  • eine SAP Security Wall errichtet, die Angriffe erfolgreich abwehrt

  • dediziertes Berechtigungs- und Identity Management, sowie Single Sign-On nutzt

  • auch nach Projektabschluss Sicherheitslücken dauerhaft schließt

Webinars SAP Security

Our webinar series on SAP Security continues! The following topics are scheduled for later this year. Keep an eye on this space as specific dates will be announced soon!

The planned webinars include:

Manage privileged SAP authorizations without any hiccups? With the itesys Firefighter.

The itesys Firefighter controls and monitors additional, time-limited SAP authorizations across the entire SAP and Non-SAP system landscape, automatically resetting them. We'll provide you with an overview of this tool.

In this webinar, you'll learn more about:

  • Privileged system accesses

  • How the Firefighter serves SAP IdM users

  • Firefighter as a service: even for SAP users without their own IdM

  • How to be well-prepared for the next audit

  • Automatic revocation of extended authorizations

  • Examination of critical activities

Detecting manipulations within the system? With real-time SAP Security Monitoring.

Safety comes first: In this webinar, we'll show you how to ensure proactive monitoring of your SAP systems and permanently close security gaps. Security sensors will monitor client changes, parameters, authorizations, and much more.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Real-time monitoring of critical activities in the system

  • Technical and security monitoring in a single real-time tool

  • Real-time monitoring of SAP systems with PRTG / Scansor

Building SAP authorization roles: Sustainable role building.

Date: to be announced

When constructing authorization roles, having both a structured process and technical preparatory measures are essential. In this webinar, we'll show you how to proceed.

Du erfährst in diesem Webinar:

  • wie du sicherstellen kannst, dass eine Rolle mit dem Unternehmen wächst

  • wie eine Rolle langfristig genutzt werden kann

  • wie du SAP Fiori integrierst

  • wie du kritische Berechtigungen vermeidest

Secure SAP systems?
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