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What is SAP Business One

ERP complete package for medium-sized companies

Small and medium-sized companies also attach importance to integrated process handling and also need an ERP system for administration. However, not to the extent that large companies use it. SAP Business One is such an ERP software with a less complex scope in terms of ERP systems. The software comes with modules in reporting, analytics, finance, CRM (customer relationship management), inventory and production management, and purchasing and procurement. One of the main functions is sales, with a wide range of options. For example, the user can enter orders, create quotations or even plan deliveries.

Originally developed on the basis of Microsoft SQL Server, SAP Business One now also works on SAP HANA.

Distribution via partner network

SAP Business One is distributed via a partner network. The network has around 700 partners who have themselves developed over 500 applications for SAP Business One.

A mobile app gives users access to the system. In addition, the ERP application can be used in the cloud. The cloud offer eliminates costs for acquisitions and operation, which is particularly advantageous for small companies.

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