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What is SAP BW (Business Warehouse)

SAP BW" refers to the "Business Warehouse" provided by SAP.

The Business Warehouse provides data about the company and the effectiveness of the work done in the company. It is therefore an important instrument for the Executive Board to control the efficiency of the company.

SAP BW provides comprehensive evaluations of the activities of each department or even each individual workstation. The combination of evaluating databases and analysing them makes SAP BW almost indispensable for successfully leading a company from yesterday into tomorrow.

SAP BW is a free component of an overall SAP package. Whoever chooses an SAP solution for managing the processes in the company receives SAP BW as a bonus and does not have to reckon with further costs.

The data-based reports of SAP BW also make it easier for management personnel to make decisions neutrally in the interest of the enterprise, since human components such as sympathy and antipathy, which often lead to unhelpful decisions, are eliminated.

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