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What is SAP Identity Management (IdM)

SAP Netweaver Identity Management is an independent SAP product consisting of a database, the runtime, the designtime and the user interface, which requires an SAP Netweaver Application Server Java. With this digital tool, the entire life cycle of identities in an organisation can be managed. This includes, among other things, the central creation, modification and deletion of user accounts that are linked to IT systems. Through functions such as self services and workflows, SAP Netweaver Identity Management helps to reduce the administration effort.

With SAP Netweaver IdM, a high degree of automation can be achieved in the administration of identities. This ranges from simple functions such as the creation of e-mail accounts and telephone numbers to complex functions such as the calculation of SAP authorisations involving SAP GRC. The central administration of identities increases both the data quality on the target systems and the system security, since, for example, users who have left can be blocked centrally and automatically. All adjustments made to the identities are logged in the system, which automatically meets traceability requirements.

Customers have to master the following challenges in the SAP IdM environment:

  • Conceptual planning of a centrally controlled system landscape

  • Installation of an SAP Identity Management System

  • Connection of SAP systems and non-SAP systems

  • Setting up user administrations and workflows for SAP authorisations

  • Migration or replacement of old user administrations to the new SAP Identity Management (IdM) system.

  • Implementation of compliance-compliant evaluations

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