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SAP Focused Build

Focused Build: For large agile projects

Are you wondering why you should use SAP Solution Manager Focused Build for your agile SAP projects instead of methods such as Scrum, Design Thinking, Lean Startup or Kanban? Well, the special thing about Focused Build in SAP Solution Manager is that it provides all the tools you need to successfully implement your large-scale projects in an agile way in a single toolbox. A real turnkey solution.

Instead of relying on distributed systems, your Focused Build interlinks the tools for project planning and control for the management of roles, requirements and resources as well as for transports and automated documentation. This means that even complex long-term projects remain 100% transparent and calculable from start to finish. Regardless of whether you are planning an SAP S/4HANA transformation or a non-SAP project.

With SAP Activate, Focused Build offers an agile process that is specially designed for large-scale projects. This means that after a quick, goal-orientated project set-up, SAP Activate navigates your project team through all project phases to go-live with workflow support. At the end, you will have a solution in operation that meets your requirements exactly.

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Managing projects efficiently

As is usual with agile projects, Focused Build also works with a flexible planning framework for your goals in terms of development, design and functionality. The goals and their planning can be easily adapted to new circumstances in the individual project waves. Focused Build ensures that the budget, schedule and resources do not get out of hand.

Your toolbox

As your virtual assistant, Focused Build supports your activities with the right tools. Preconfigured standard functions and content make your project manager's job easier and your specialists relieve them of routine administrative tasks.

You can be certain that:


...the SAP landscape with its development and test environments is set up properly and requirements and roles are defined


...the initial backlog with its work packages and tasks is created and linked to the SolMan documentation tool


...the project runs smoothly because you have thought of both the tools for releases and changes


...the tests take regional or industry-specific compliance requirements into account

Meanwhile, Focused Build ensures that you take all data security issues into account in every project phase and always work in accordance with ITIL and compliance until your new solution goes live.

Built-in real-time monitoring

As the project manager, you have a comprehensive insight into the current project status. With clear graphics, the "Solution Readiness Dashboard" visualises the progress of the development with all relevant project details. The members of your validation team, such as the business analyst, the solution architect or the test, quality or release managers, can see the status of their areas of responsibility.

Thanks to the traffic light principle, you can identify any bottlenecks or problems at an early stage so that you can proactively prevent or at least minimise them. In these cases, Focused Build supports you with tools for efficient management of defects or faults as well as risks and escalation.

SAP Focused Build: the tool for you?

Focused Build is the right tool for you if you have more than two hundred employees and you are introducing it as part of a long-term project, i.e. with a duration of more than one year. Otherwise, the training costs for your project team will amortise too slowly. Once Focused Build has been installed and the employees are familiar with the tool, it also provides valuable support for smaller projects.

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Questions about setup & project operation with Focused Build?

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